Your Small Business Website

Why Do You Need One?

Small-Business-Owner-OpenA small business website is absolutely essential these days, for any small business owner. It is part of the infrastructure of your business. A website can provide supplemental information for your "live" customers, as well as a means to cultivate new online customers.

The driving force behind this online momentum is the rapidly rising dependence of consumers on their mobile devices. Many people are actively using their phones and tablets when they go out shopping, but more and more they are using them to do their shopping.

Think Globally, Act Locally

One of the most useful online advances for local businesses is the advent of the GPS system that is now a standard feature of most mobile devices. This feature allows the device’s browser to tie in with local listings, and that is where you come in!

Free tools like Google Places, YouTube, or a local directory specific to your market niche can push you up to the front page in the search engine results. These tools allow you to indicate a geographical area of service that you cover so that local customers can find you more easily. It’s like a super-souped up version of the Yellow Pages (which incidentally is also online).

Suppose that you own a toy store that specializes in wooden toys. Someone in your service area who is looking for a unique wooden dollhouse would probably look online. If you have put your Google Places listing together thoroughly, indicating that you sell wooden dollhouses, then your listing will come up at or close to the top, and you’ve made a sale.

This scenario can certainly be expanded beyond your local area as well. Over time, and with the proper attention to SEO, your listing will start to come up in global searches and your customer base can expand well beyond the limits of your local area.

Information and Interaction

Your small business website can be used to supplement any information that you are giving to your clients. An interior designer can display swatch samples, someone who remodels kitchens can have a portfolio of completed projects, or someone with an acupuncture business can list detailed descriptions of the various herbal remedies they use.

In this way, the customer is able to get information about your business that you may not otherwise have time to cover in an initial encounter. The more useful and easily accessible information you have on your site, the more likely it is that a customer will choose your business.

Your small business website can also work for you, helping you to take care of some of your more mundane business tasks. Suppose your business involves giving tarot readings or doing counseling. Instead of spending inordinate amounts of time scheduling clients, use an automatic appointment calendar. Just list the times you are available on your website, and your clients sign themselves up.

If you sell things like photographs, or jewelry, you can easily add a shopping cart to your site, and make sales while you are in the bathtub!

The benefits of having a small business website cannot be understated. Remember though, that if you are going to do it, make sure you do it well. People do make judgements about your business based on the quality of what they see on your site. At Arachne Productions, we make sure that your site looks professional and polished for your customers, and that behind the scenes, your coding looks the same way to the search engines. Call today for a consultation: 973-536-1144.

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