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Social MediaSo you have a web site – great! But it isn’t going to do you much good if no one is finding it, right? Social media marketing services will help to bring interested visitors and new leads to your business website. To do this, you need to create publicity around your site that is designed to make people in your market niche aware you exist and aware of the services or products you provide.

Most of us think about this kind of promotion in terms of advertising. Ads may indeed become a part of your overall promotion campaign, but there is a newer trend that savvy marketers are taking advantage of: Social media.

A well executed social media publicity campaign can get lots of people linking to and talking about your site. This kind of activity is noticed by the search engines, which will lead to improved rankings for your site.

Can You Promote Any Site You Want?

Although the idealistic answer to that would be “yes”, the realistic answer is “no” – In order to publicize a site, you must first be sure the site in question is high quality and fully optimized.

Here’s how our publicity program works:

Step 1 – If your site was not designed by Arachne Productions, we do a Site Analysis Report which gives you detailed feedback about your site’s coding, content, design, and navigation structure.

Step 2 – In addition to a detailed breakdown of your site’s SEO profile, we will give you our expert opinion as to whether or not your site is “ready for prime time”. If we feel that it is, you can sign up for SEO services and we will begin spreading the word about your business. If your site was designed by Arachne Productions, no need to worry – It automatically meets all SEO requirements and is ready for social media marketing services!


SEO Analysis – $75.00 (One-Time Payment)
Site Publicity/Easy SEO Tasks – $25.00 per month
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Although you can cancel at any time, it is strongly recommended that you publicize for at least 3 months in order to see results.

What Happens if My Site Needs SEO Improvement?

Publicity that works is founded on a site with solid content and great SEO. So if our analysis finds that your site needs some improvement, we have a complete range of SEO services to assist you. Once your site is fully optimized, you can choose one of our publicity campaigns.

How Do Social Media Marketing Campaigns Actually Work?

Think about it this way: If your Facebook friends and maybe some people in your favorite forum community were talking positively about a new product or service, would you become interested in that product or service? Chances are much higher that you would, because you trust and respect the opinions of the people you know.

In fact, this is the thinking process for most of us, when we explore new properties and interesting offers online. We are more likely to look at sites that have been mentioned by our friends. We are more likely to buy products that come well recommended by others.

This is how word-of-mouth recommendation online has been evolving into the sharing of experiences and knowledge throughout the social web.

Web Site Reputation and The Search Engines

Even with all the input from the social arena, a web site still needs a good reputation so that it will place well in the search engine results pages. As more people chat about your site in social arenas, the search engines will begin to take notice and place your site higher up in their results.

Back-linking, which until recently was about getting as many online articles as possible to link back to your site, is now more focused on how often your site is mentioned on sites like Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook. Search engines also take great notice of things like how often a page on your site is bookmarked by how many different people, and how often a YouTube video about your website is being watched.


The best practice for web site promotion is continuity. Therefore we offer monthly subscription packages, which are highly recommended. These packages offer the best value and will bring best results when applied over the course of a few weeks.

Smarter Marketing

While other SEO services are still trying to persuade people to flood the web with low-quality articles to link back to their sites, Arachne Productions offers a smarter form of back-linking. Our approach is centered on the seeding of signals on the social web, rather than the low-value activity of mass article submissions and forum signature linking.

Therefore we offer a variety of seeding signal types that will, if done consistently, have great impact on your site’s rankings and search results.

If more and more people on Google+ who are in your market start talking about or sharing the link to your website, the more priority it will get in the search results pages of major search engines. This will cause a boost in visitor traffic for you, which in turn will lead to more sales.

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