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We knew it was coming. The search engines are getting smarter by the minute and the time has finally come when the machine can keep up with and outpace the human.

The days of slapping up cheap, “thin” content and hoping that it will stick for more than a week or so are over.

Google is actively weeding out the drivel!

They don’t want low quality, irrelevant sites on their results pages any more, and they are going to greater and greater lengths to insure their results are of the highest caliber.

With each new algorithm rolled out by the search engines, they refine their ability to judge the quality of a web page.

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How can you insure that your site maintains solid rankings?

1. Quality Content

You have two choices. You can try to outsmart the biggest company on the planet to make money quickly (bad idea), or you could make an investment in a web business that will make you money for years to come.

Think of it this way: Once you put a well-written original content page up, it stays up. If it is indeed a high quality page that is well optimized to please both the search engines and your site’s visitors, it will make money.

If it is a poorly spun, or scraped article, it make make you some money for a time, but it will almost certainly be found by the spiders, identified as low quality and de-indexed.

2. Quality Back Links

Back links are like votes of confidence for a web page, and one of the most important tools utilized by search engines to determine value and quality. Many web business owners get caught up in trying to create as many back links as possible, regardless of the sites from which they come. They then find themselves disappointed when their rankings do not advance or their sites are dropped back in the SERPs.

Again, the name of the game is quality. You are always better off with fewer high quality back links than with scores of links from low quality, questionable sites.

You get what you pay for!

There are several types of articles for sale out there. There are those that have been “scraped” from badly written articles to create even lower quality articles. You can pay one or two dollars for these and you’ll soon find that they have been spun and there are low quality copies of them all over the web competing with your article.

Then there are those articles that have been written by fairly good writers that are all form and no substance. These may do a little better with the search engines, but will not keep your human visitors on your site long enough to make the sale.

Making an investment in high quality writing means that you have an original page that will work for you for years to come.