Small Business SEO Services

SEO-MagnetArachne Productions offers a unique approach to SEO services to insure that your site is maximally optimized for the search engines.

While most services charge $300.00 every month, we offer a low-cost "do-it-yourself" option that provides all the guidance you need for only $25.00 per month!

Two Important Components in SEO

Website Promotion – Promoting your website on the Internet, or Off Page SEO, involves a variety of strategies including social media, blog commenting, directory submissions, and guest-posting. This activity, which occurs away from your site but sends links back to it, will positively build your site’s reputation in the eyes of the search engines.

On Page SEO – In addition to promoting your website, you will need to be sure that certain criteria in the coding on each page of your website are met. These criteria are set by the search engines, and web pages that comply make it easier for search engines to determine what a page is about. The easier it is for search engines to analyze your website’s pages, the more likely it is that they will appear closer to the first page of search results. Translation: It makes it easier to get your website found.

SEO Packages – Website Promotion

Easy SEO Tasks

Receive personalize SEO tips each week and do your own SEO! Each week you will receive tips about specific steps you can take to promote your site. Tips might include:

  • Links to blogs related to your niche where you can post a comment and a link to your site
  • Links to article directories where you can post a listing about your site
  • Blogs that might be receptive to letting you submit a guest post
  • Strategies for using social media
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SEO Packages – On Page SEO

SEO Analysis
$75.00 (One-Time Payment)


URL of the website you would like to have analyzed:

A comprehensive site analysis report that will show you how well your site meets the basic criteria needed for optimal search engine rankings. We look at:

  • Coding
  • Content
  • Design
  • Navigation Structure
SEO Consultation
$55.00 Per Hour
Live web consultation to assist you in making any changes or updates to insure full optimization of your site so that it is search-ready.
SEO Overhaul
$85 Per Hour
If you are feeling too overwhelmed or pressed for time we will optimize your site’s coding and meta data to insure it is fully optimized for search.

What is SEO?

SEO is an achronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is something that your human visitors will never see – but the search engine spiders will. Perhaps we should backtrack here and look at the term “spider”, which is used to refer to the algorithms – mini-programs – that search engines send out to inspect internet sites and their pages.

Given that the whole internet metaphor is a web, it’s only natural that these algorithms would be called spiders and that they would be sent to “crawl” the web measuring each page on a web site against specific criteria set by the search engines. They then use what they find to rank your page. In other words: The better your SEO, the more likely it is that your site will turn up in the first couple of results pages for your niche.

From a Spider’s Perspective

Search Engine SpidersSearch engine spiders have one mission and that is to define a page’s relevance with respect to its keywords or niche. The better a site’s SEO, the more relevant it looks to the spiders.

Let’s say, for example that you are doing a search for a dog groomer. You would go to the search engine and type in the words “dog groomer”. You would expect that the results coming up would be about dog grooming. The search engine will in fact, try to bring back the most relevant results – the results most closely related to what you typed in.

As it happens, when you type in “dog groomer” Google returns about 2,550,000 results. So out of all those sites, how does it decide which are the most relevant and belong on the first page? A good part of the answer lies in how well a page is optimized for search.

So basically, SEO happens in the coding of your web pages. There are certain pieces of code and data that need to be placed in specific parts of a web page. The search engine spiders are looking very carefully at those parts of each page and making determinations about that page’s relevance with respect to the keywords of its niche.

The bottom line is that no matter how gorgeous or interesting your website is, it won’t do anyone any good if it doesn’t get found. So make SEO a part of your thinking as you approach your business web site – the same way you would make advertising a part of an offline business. SEO is essential for every small business website.